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Managing Stress In Marriage

  Most people are aware of the injurious personal costs of stress – those that harm the individual.  However, we often do not consider the destructive interpersonal consequences – those that damage our relationships.  Concerning marriage, the effects of stress can certainly present many difficult challenges.  But, your marriage can survive – and even thrive […]

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Keeping Your Marriage Strong In A Weak Economy

  It is certainly no secret that money problems are among the top challenges that married couples face when it comes to developing and sustaining a healthy relationship.  In tough economic times the potential for marital conflict over financial issues can be greater than usual.  Even among those fortunate enough to remain employed throughout the […]

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How To Affair-Proof Your Marriage

by Kirk VanOoteghem A tragic reality of our society is that more marriages encounter infidelity than those that do not.  Research on the subject estimates that at least one spouse in up to 75% of all marriages in the U.S. will be unfaithful to their partner at some point during the union. The problem has […]

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