Camp Property Purchase

On Tuesday, January 10, 1012, Bro. Stroup, Mark Johnson and Terry Long met with attorney Dougs Owens and the representatives of the Alphant estate to finalize the purchase of the property connected to the campground. In the meeting we told them again that we felt like it was God’s timing and the hand of the Lord was with us for this historic event in the future of the campground.

Currently we have received about $80,000 of the $100,000 pledged. (Check out for updated giving list and totals) We had $9,000 of our New Day pledges still in hand to add to it, and having paid $2,500 in earnest money, we just needed to borrow from savings about $8,500 in order to pay a total of $100,000 for the purchase of the property.

As we continue to receive payments of the pledged amounts, we will be able to repay those funds and be prepared for another season of camp improvements. If you had not heard, our insurance carrier has paid $47,000 this fall to repair wind damage to the roofs of our doorms, so every dorm has a new roof, with some other repairs to ceilings, insulation and downspouts as well. This project has been completed and looks great.

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