Marriage in Ministry

Terry and Melani Shock presented thoughts from how a tree grows to give insight to 36 couples who are actively  involved in ministry. What a great time we had studies the features of a growing tree.

1.    The strength of the roots creates the foundation for the tree – the foundation is prayer and the eating living word of God to allow  it become part of you.

2.     The base of the tree is the trunk, which is the marriage and the home. There is great value in keeping the family focused on God throughout the ebb and flow of life and ministry.

3.     The branches and the leaves are the roles that we serve in. That is what people see, but the tree is not the leaves, the tree is the relationships that the branches and the leaves are built off of, relationships with God, wife and family create ample strength for the limbs and leaves to flourish.

We had several district leaders there to support and mentor our younger pastors and the ministry teams they brought to be a part of this unique meeting.

It was all part of Indiana’s efforts to launch young men and women into active ministry, by providing the training direction and support to help them flourish in God, their family and their ministerial roles that God has placed them in.

Check out for links to other ministerial training video’s and downloadable material to help you focus your ministry on Christ plans for your life.

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