Incredible Summer

What an incredible summer it has been in the Indiana District. From the miracle of the mortgage burning that took place at Family Camp to the spirit of sacrificial giving that took place raising $100,000 for property and at Sr. High Camp watching that same spirit move over the youth campers who pledged $35,000 for Sheaves For Christ.

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As we see God bless us because of our sacrificial giving I want to remind you that making the sacrifice to host a missionary in your local church will not only bless that missionary but in turn blesses your church and gives your members yet another opportunity to give sacrificially through either a love offering to the missionary to a special project in their field of labor to the monthly PIM that enables them to do the work that they have been called to do in their field of labor.

Listed is the remaining Missionary Deputation Schedule for 2011, please take a moment to look over this list of heroes and schedule a missionary service before this calendar year comes to a close. If you would like to have a specific missionary in your church feel free to give me a call at 812-361-5644 or email at

Thank you so much for your continued support for the work of missionaries around the world!

Suppan, Bernhard & Shelley; Sept 6 – 11; Austria
Vacca, Kevin & Lolita; Sep 13 – 25; Philippines
Demos, Alan & Valerie; Sep 27 – Oct 9; Germany
Grosbach, Ted & Patricia; Sep 27 – Oct 9; Democratic Republic of Congo
Richardson, Leonard & Ping Lan; Oct 18 – 30; Taiwan
Davis, Danny & Sherry; Oct 18 – 30; South Africa
Denny, Richard & Coral; Nov 1 – 6; Regional Director – Pacific
Guinn, Scott & Linda; Nov 1 – 13; Mexico
McFarland, Robert & Beth; Nov 15 – Dec 4; Israel/Palestine
Hajduk, Radovan & Tanya; Nov 22 – Dec 11; Croatia/Slovenia
Tuttle, Michael & Dianna; Dec 6 – 11; Holland/Netherlands

Greg Bowman is the Director of Foreign Missions in Indiana and Pastor of New Life Church
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