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Richard Stearns states in the book The Hole in Our Gospel that America doesn’t have a money problem it has a vision problem.

Over this past Black Friday weekend a record $52.4 billion dollars was spent in the United States.  The average holiday shopper spent $398.62.  That is an astronomical amount of money which was up 6.6% from 2010 and CNN reports that most of that money was spent on themselves.  Which takes up back to the statement from Mr. Stearns, “America has a vision problem.

How are we as a church?  We need to take a look deep inside our souls and ask ourselves that very question.  How much time have I set aside in 2012 to get outside of our local church and make an impact on the community in which I serve.  Now let us be honest with ourselves and ask how much time have I set aside to make an impact on our entire world.  There are various ways to do this however, a simple yet affective way is to schedule a missions service in your local church.  We are currently scheduling our missionary services for 2012.  The need is great!  The workers are few! Thank God for the laborers who work to spread this gospel around the world.

Listed is our entire Missionary Schedule for 2012 is listed below and I would like to ask for each church in the Indiana District to take 4 services in 2012.  This is something that we all can do.  Give your people and opportunity to give to Global Missions.  Cast a vision to your people and challenge them to give.  Why? So others will be blessed and so they will as well.  Feel free to contact me at 812-361-5644 or via email at  fm@inupci.org.  In addition the missionary scheduled will be online as well at www.inupci.org in which you can see the missionaries that are scheduled to come to the Indiana District in 2012.  Please let the Lord deal with your hearts and lets bless the Kingdom of God around the world and if our giving matches our vision there will be nothing that can stop the church.

Robinette, Charles – Austria – Jan 3-15

Hemus, John – England – Jan 3-15

Adams, Randy – Togo – Jan 22-Feb 5

Long, Jayson – Cen Am/Carribean – Jan 31-Feb 12Bennett, Steve – Israel/Palestine – Feb 7-19

Buckland, Roger – Czech Republic – Feb 21-Mar 4

Hosmer, Ed – Japan – Feb 21-Mar 11

Rodrigues, Oscar – Portugal – Mar 6-11

Carpenter, Scott- Kaz./Russia – March 13-April 1

White, Cynthia – Jordan/Mid East – Mar 27-Apr 15

Schlegel, William – Int’l Ministry – April 3-15

Long, Mike – Vanuatu – Apr 10-22

Phelps, Steve – Uganda – May 1-13

Hayes, Shane – Chile – May 1-6

Reece, Crystal – Tonga – May 8-27

Riddick, Rusty – Cameron – May 29-June17

Rodrigues, Oscar – Portugal – May 29-Jun 10

Hayes, Shane – Chile – Jun 5-10

Schwarz, David – Costa Rica – June 19-July 1

Odonnell, Stephen – Hong Kong – Jun 26-Jul 1

Suppan, Bernhard – Austria – Jul 3-15

Crumpacker, Jim – Mozambique/Kenya – Jul 22-29

Barkley, Dan – Chile – Jul 31-Aug 19

Landaw, Joseph – Trinidad/Tobago – Jul 31-Aug 12

Odonnell, Stephen – Hong Kong – Aug 7-19

Patterson, Mike – Moldova/Romania – Sep 2-16

McFarland, Terry – Ireland – Sep 2-16

Thompson, Brad – Guatemala – Sep 11-23

Kline, David – Oct 9-21

Monday, Wayne – Panama – Oct 9-14

Simmons, Ed – Thailand – Oct 9-14

Ritchie, Henry – French Guiana + – Oct 16-28

Nix, Stephen – Nicaragua – Oct 23-Nov 11

Harrod, Nathan – Spain – Nov 6-18

Nicholls, Ray – Poland – Nov 6-18

Landaw, Joseph – Trinidad/Tobago – Nov 27-Dec 2

Guidry, John – Spain – Nov 27-Dec 16

Greg Bowman is the Director of Foreign Missions in Indiana and Pastor of New Life Church.
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