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In these times of uncertainty there is one thing that is certain.

In these times of insecurity there is one place of security.

In these times of spiritual wickedness there is one place of peace.

The Church!

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Although during the day and age in which we live the North American church is facing tremendous challenges there is no greater day to be apart of the church.

A world in chaos and disarray is in prime position for the Church to rise up with a message of hope and the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Our communities need the church to be the light.

Government is certainly not the answer.

Social Programs band-aid then too often lead to people in turn being dependent on them for sustenance and hope.  In turn the opportunity in front of us is vast and the time is short but the church is equipped and reaching those hurting and in need during these troubled times.

Now what about areas that have no church, certainly in North America we are using Home Missions to reach the un-churched.  Preaching Points, Daughter Works and of course Bible Studies are taking place in communities all around us.  However our world with a population ever increasing and now approaching 7 billion and in the grips of darkness there is only one way to reach it…to go!

We honor our heroes of Foreign Missions and pray for them but we must also send them enabling them to go and give this message of hope to a lost world.

The churches of the Indiana District have been at the forefront of sending missionaries to the field.  We ask that you continue to allow your church to be apart of the Global Mission by hosting a missionary service in your church.  Please contact  me at 812-361-5644 or

Listed below is the schedule of missionaries who will be in the Indiana District for the remainder of the 2011.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Richardson, Leonard; Oct 18 – 30; Taiwan
  • Robertson, Jim; Oct 18 – 30; Poland
  • Denny, Richard; Nov 1 – 6; Regional Director – Pacific
  • Guinn, Scott; Nov 1 – 13; Mexico
  • McFarland, Robert; Nov 15 – Dec 4; Israel/Palestine
  • Hajduk, Radovan; Nov 22 – Dec 11;Croatia/Slovenia
  • Phelps, Steve Dec 6 – 11; Uganda
Greg Bowman is the Director of Foreign Missions in Indiana and Pastor of New Life Church.
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