This Month in Missions

by Rev. Greg Bowman

As we get into the fall season our churches I know many of you are beginning the planning for your 2012 Church Calendar.  As you are planning please remember to set aside some services in your upcoming calendar for Missionary Services.

In the month of October we will be both posting our 2012 Missionary Schedule and also be asking each church how we can serve the churches in a more efficient way as a District Foreign Missions Department and asking you to help us in advance by pre-scheduling services for the upcoming year.

We will be using both the internet and social media as ways of keeping you up to date and informed of the events of Foreign Missions throughout the world and we will be asking for your testimonies and information as to how your church is reaching their world through your local church right here in the Indiana District.

We will also be using these avenues to both inform you of the upcoming missionaries that are going to be in our District and even allow you to see the service scheduled and schedule services online.

Thank you so much for what you are currently doing for Foreign Missions and listed is the Missionary Schedule for 2011.  If you would be able to host any of these missionaries please contact me at or 812-361-5644.

Vacca, Kevin & Lolita; Sep 13 – 25; Philippines
Demos, Alan & Valerie; Sep 27 – Oct 9; Germany
Grosbach, Ted & Patricia; Sep 27 – Oct 9; Democratic Republic of Congo
Richardson, Leonard & Ping Lan; Oct 18 – 30; Taiwan
Davis, Danny & Sherry; Oct 18 – 30; South Africa
Denny, Richard & Coral; Nov 1 – 6; Regional Director – Pacific
Guinn, Scott & Linda; Nov 1 – 13; Mexico
McFarland, Robert & Beth; Nov 15 – Dec 4; Israel/Palestine
Hajduk, Radovan & Tanya; Nov 22 – Dec 11; Croatia/Slovenia
Tuttle, Michael & Dianna; Dec 6 – 11; Holland/Netherlands

Rev. Greg Bowman is the Director of Foreign Missions in Indiana and Pastor of New Life Church.

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