What is the Church Making?

Doctors fix bodies. Mechanic fix cars. What do churches fix? Lives and souls. God is asking us one question, Church – How’s Business?

Have we lost God’s vision for the church?
So many churches have lost their purpose.
God’s original purpose seems to get caught up in the traditions of men!

I read recently of a large church that asked the city council for a building permit. It was declined. The City Council wanted to know who it will help the community and what was the purpose of the church other than to marry and bury people. They were asked what difference will your church make in your community?

It’s great that you will pray, baptize, marry and bury but we don’t care about that, what will you offer your community. What if you were asked that question? What is our purpose? Would your community notice if you closed the doors and ceased to operate. Would they beg you to stay open?
Think about it, do you realize that the church is the only organization in the world that exists for people who are not here yet.

We know the 5-fold ministry but listed below is the 5-fold purpose of the church.
1. Worship
2. Evangelism
3. Fellowship
4. Ministry
5. Discipleship

Factories make products. Farmers make crops. Restaurants make food. Children make messes.

What is the church making?

Greg Bowman is the Director of Foreign Missions in Indiana and Pastor of New Life Church.

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