A Great Camp Season

2011 has been one of the greatest camp seasons of all time! Wow! Starting with the Sunday School camps under the leadership of Brother Adam Faulkner and his staff through the two Youth camps under the direction of outgoing youth president, Brother Greg Bowman, and incoming youth president, Brother Josh Anderson, and their staff – every service has been greatly blessed of God.

The Sunday School camps saw 49 children receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost! To God be the glory! The preaching of Assistant General Superintendent, Brother Stan Gleason, and Brother Jimmy Toney at Family Camp was life changing. Another highlight of camp meeting was our mortgage burning on Thursday night. A special thanks to all of you who helped us pay off the camp’s nearly $240,000 mortgage in just two years. The New Day monies this year are now being used for improvements – including some in the dormitories and the new 145 car parking lot. The spirit of unity in the conference and camp meeting bore witness to the fact that our preachers and saints are excited about – not only the campgrounds – but the wonderful reports of revival from around the district. Thank God for the wonderful people of the Indiana District!

Another highlight of the conference and camp meeting was the purchase of 19 adjoining acres for $100,000. During the business session – after Brother Johnson had given us an update on the progress of our New Day efforts and Brother Terry Long had shared with us some plans for the future of our campgrounds – as we were relating the details of how the property had become available, etc. – a motion was made quite quickly to purchase the property and it seems as if about 15 men stood immediately to second the motion. I believe the vote was unanimous. Not only did the ministers vote to purchase the property, however, but $62,500 was raised for its purchase before the business meeting was adjourned – and before the week was over the entire $100,000 was pledged. It was very obvious that Indiana’s ministers and saints alike were very excited about the future of our campgrounds! A special thanks to all of you who helped make this possible!

Both youth camps were also greatly blessed of the Lord. The preaching was outstanding and very helpful in strengthening our young people in both our doctrine and holiness positions. Many received the Holy Ghost and, no doubt, many also received direction and callings in regards to their future.

As of this writing – one camp is remaining – that being Spanish Camp in the month of August. The Youth also have a hyphen meeting (for young single adults) planned for later this summer. We thank the Lord for a great summer on the old campgrounds!

Rev. Robert Stroup is the District Superintendent of the Indiana District, United Pentecostal Church International, and Pastor of Pentecostals of South Lake in Merrillville, Indiana.
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