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The Four Most Successful Methods of Evangelism

It has been said that you can cut down a tree with a chain saw or a pocket knife. Both do the job, one just does it faster than the other. Which would you rather use? A pocket knife? Not hardly. If the chain saw is available for use, why not use it? It is […]

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Growing Your Church With Home Bible Study

The story is told of an elderly gentleman who one day took his young, seven-year-old grandson behind the house to plant the summer garden. The little boy was instructed to make a hole in the freshly tilled soil with a sharp stick. Into each hole the Grandfather dropped two or three seeds. First they planted […]

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Bearing Fruit: A Ministry of Evangelism and Growth

Modern church growth research has proven that the most effective evangelism method is that which focuses upon reaching the family, friends and acquaintances of your church members. This is known as oikos evangelism (after the commonly found New Testament Greek word “oikos” which means “community” or “sphere of influence”). Statistical surveys have repeatedly shown that […]

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