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Purpose in the Deeper Life of God’s Spirit

The ultimate purpose of God in bringing a body of saints into a deeper place of consecration unto Him is five-fold. It is for the purpose of perfection, preparation, restoration, manifestation, and glorification. Everything else has to fit into this eternal purpose or it will fail and come to naught. Now at the close of […]

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Revisiting the Upper Room

‘And when they were come in, they went up into an upper room . . . ‘ (Acts 1:13) The Day of Pentecost marks the birth of the apostolic Church of the New Testament. According to the Lukan narrative in the Acts of the Apostles, the Holy Ghost swept into the Upper Room where the […]

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Into All the World: Azusa Missionary Efforts

For the earliest Pentecostals, the outpouring of the Holy Ghost signaled God’s greatest restoration of apostolic power to the end-time Church. Spirit-baptized believers responded with urgency to the call to carry the Full Gospel message to the uttermost parts of the earth. While some well-intentioned messengers ultimately failed in their missions due to poor planning, […]

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