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The King of the North

It would be sure fanaticism to suggest that the Bible mentions the word Russia in any text. Yet God, through Ezekiel, has made some very clear and specific revelations in the Bible concerning the rise of a great power to the north of Israel that will destroy the peace and stability of the world at […]

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Because of God’s Promises

Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome has the literary framework of a lawyer establishing and presenting the principle pleas in his case carefully and accurately before the Judge of all judges. Paul’s epistle to the Romans represents the Alps of theological thought. Romans 9-11 is the breathtaking and mind stretching pinnacle of God’s revelation […]

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Can These Bones Live?

God’s chosen people, the Jews, and the Promised Land of Israel are the hub that forms the wheel of prophecy. All End Time prophecy focuses first and foremost on Israel’s importance to God and His eternal covenant with His chosen people to “give to you and your descendants after you the land in which you […]

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