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The Revelation of Robert Dodd Weeks

In 1952, C. Haskell Yadon, an early Oneness apologist, edited and reprinted a book under the title Jehovah-Jesus, Supreme-God: Son of God, Son of Man. The original book, published in 1876, was written by Robert Dodd Weeks and was similarly entitled, Jehovah-Jesus: the Oneness of God: the True Trinity. Though Weeks’ theology does not perfectly […]

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How Many?

  “For a period of more than 1,600 years, the Catholic church has assembled at ecumenical councils its patriarchs, cardinals, bishops, abbots of male religious orders, and others nominated by the pope to discuss issues of faith, church doctrine and discipline, often defining heresies within the church. The pope must approve the decisions of the […]

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Michel Servetus: Heretic or Hero?

On October 27, 1553, Michael Servetus was burned alive in Geneva, Switzerland, accused by John Calvin of heresy for his denial of the Trinity (Wilbur, Two Treatises xxv).  Servetus purportedly studied law in Toulouse and medicine in Paris and is credited with the initial discover of pulmonary circulation.  In 1531, just over twenty years of […]

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